Tips for Hiring a Reliable Private Tour Guide 

For a lot of travelers, it’s a luxury to hire a private tour guide. That is why most of them would simply go with a group to save money. Unfortunately, this often results in unwanted experiences since you’ve got to follow the group during your vacation. 

With an informed approach, hiring a private tour is sometimes worth the price. The reason for this is that you’ll see and learn things that you would never find when you’re on a group tour.  

If you’ve decided to hire a private tour for your vacation, do you know how to find the ideal one for you? Well, don’t worry. We’re here to help. 

Here are some tips on how to hire a private guide for your Honolulu tours: 

Understand What You Need in a Local Guide 

Do you have a particular interest such as food, street art, photography, or art history? Perhaps you’re simply looking for a general overview of the country where you see well-known landmarks.  

Keep in mind that a lot of private tours have their niche. Make sure you find one that is appropriate for your needs.  

A couple of tours focus on art. Thus, their guides have degrees in art history. On the other hand, some tours focus on food. Thus, their guides are former chefs.  

When looking for a private tour, make sure you know what you want to experience. If the guide can’t help you with what you want, they might know another tour that can help. 

Ask the Hotel Concierge 

Most of the time, the hotel concierge has a list of names for local private tours. Thus, make sure you ask them. If you aren’t staying at a hotel, you can still ask the concierge staff at a property in town.  

Typically, these people are willing to oblige and typically know a couple of private tours that can help you.  

However, you still have to be cautious and do your research with any guide. It does not matter if the hotel concierge recommended it. A lot of private tours have agreements with hotels or concierges who are paid to steer tourists to expensive tourist traps.  

Use the Guides Available at Tourist Attractions 

A lot of major museums and landmarks provide private tours. Usually, the guides in these tours have a huge knowledge of that attraction.  

In addition to that, most of these attractions require that their guides go through a couple of months of training before they can give private tours.  

Use the Local Guide Association 

Almost every major country has a local guide association. These organizations are excellent sources. Oftentimes, they will have websites that enable you to search for a private tour based on your interests, such as history or food.  

Keep in mind that any local individual can call him or herself a guide. However, you want to ensure that the person you’re going to hire is licensed. In addition to that, popular private tours have reviews on TripAdvisor most of the time. This is another source to confirm their reputation.